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12km from the Resort

Bustling little town, many shops, as well as one of the most famous archaeological sites in Sardinia: the ancient city of Nora with a theater in very good condition.


34km from Pula.

Capital of Sardinia offering: interesting museums, historic neighborhoods, beautiful panoramic terraces, a botanic garden, saline (east and west) inhabited year-round flamingos, shopping, streets of the Marina, old district near the port, in the city center.

Forte Village Private Yacht

The Forte Village private yacht is available for Forte Village guests to charter offering you the chance to set sail on a short voyage of discovery, exploring the finest Sardinian beaches and coastline. Sights to visit that we stringly reccommend include the rocks at Capo Spartivento to the sand dunes of Is Arenas Blancas. The on-board service of the Forte Village yacht is truly second to none, and with no more than six passengers.