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 Flavor and well-being in our magnificent restaurant of this Passover 2020.

Our chef carefully selected by ParisWorldClub will offer you for this Pesach a cuisine that re-visits our traditions in a very creative way. It will surprise you with its variety and the quality of its balanced menus.

The custom of "grilling" will be honored on the eve of Pesach. An extraordinary range of grilled meats and fresh fish will be prepared for the occasion in our open kitchen in a sparkling atmosphere and accompanied by a farandole of hors d'oeuvres and desserts to start and finish in beauty.



Breakfast is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable moments of the holiday. In our restaurant "Sala Verde" you will find everything: Salads, scrambled eggs, pastries, cereals, coffee, cheese, jams, fresh fruit and pressed fruit.

Want some pancakes? An Omelet? Our open kitchen will take your requests and realize it in front of you.

A hurried breakfast before going to work will be a distant memory.



A lunch with a dream menu prepared with care. At ParisWorldClub, it's possible. You can enjoy dishes of various culinary traditions in the Buffets of our privatized restaurant for you.

Children will also be entitled to special treatment. They have their own restaurant, decorated and furnished to their size. But be careful, not to enter adults! Mario's Restaurant only accepts young guests and feasts of excellent quality in the presence of the team of animators of the Kid's Club.


The large kitchen, irreproachable service, are the indispensable ingredients of a good dinner and an unforgettable holiday.
Forte Village's Hotel Service is the best in its category; their levels of requirements are as high as possible.
ParisWorldClub, will delight your taste buds every night with our meals personally served by the Resort's highly qualified waiters.
A selection of wine will be offered to you with care to accompany these meals so much expected.
For the most demanding, a wine list (French and Israeli) will also be available on request.

This dream stay should not make us forget that we are all present to Celebrate Passover.
Each family can make their own Seder in the table that will be prepared carefully for the occasion.
Our rabbi will animate a group Seder for those who prefer to stay in community,

To spend this stay with ParisWorldClub is the guarantee of a Pesach that you will not find "NOWHERE ELSE"